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Would the use of Amazon's Mechanical Turk ( for image processing be against the rules?

1,346 views asked Mar 19, 2015 by Beyond the Box

1 Answer

Per the prize parameters, the Competition is looking for an automated technology that increases the speed and accuracy of digitization of a drawer of insect specimens and their associated data. Further, the only allowed human intervention is the placement of the entire specimen drawer in the imaging station developed by the Entrant. Use of Mechanical Turk would violate these requirements. Certainly the solution could have integrated features that would allow for the use of such technologies as Amazon's Mechanical Turk or other crowdsourcing platforms after the Competition has ended. However, for the purposes of this Competition, using Mechanical Turk (or similar technologies) is not allowed, including (but not limited to) for data parsing, OCR, and image processing.
answered Mar 19, 2015 by Beyond the Box


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