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I noticed that the labels and the specimens need to be imaged without human intervention; however, aren’t the labels located beneath the specimens? This would be extremely difficult, especially considering the densities of some drawers (shingled specimens, etc).

Are we allowed to make alternative suggestions? For example, would NSF and AIBS be open to the idea of imaging type specimens in great detail instead of the entire drawer? This can be accomplished more quickly, in 3D and at higher resolution. 
If the whole drawer competition is not open to the use of different techniques, are there other competitions that would be more suitable for these types of ideas?
asked Dec 9, 2014 by Beyond the Box

1 Answer

The innovation challenge prize parameters have already been set. There may be no human intervention during imaging. It is up to the Entrants to develop innovative solutions. Please be sure to review the Complete Contest Rules and Materials that are online at

We are not aware of any other biocollection digitization innovation competitions at this time, but one source of information about these kind of contests is

answered Dec 9, 2014 by Beyond the Box
edited Dec 9, 2014 by Beyond the Box


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