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The pin can be lifted but not the specimen?

From the ...rules_final.pdf document, Prize Parameters, second and fifth paragraphes, it seems the pin can be removed by mechanical mean, but the specimen cannot be touched by mechanical mean. When the pin is lifted, do we assume the specimen will be lifted up with pin or still stay in the drawer? There is no definition on the lenght or the size of the pin. When humans do the job, we lift up the pin and specimen, put in a place to photo it, then put it back. In the process, the specimen may be damaged. To my understanding, the competition wants to do it without moving specimen in any way. Am I right?
asked Dec 15, 2014 in Specimens by Leon

1 Answer

Per the Prize Parameters, direct contact with the specimens is not permitted, either via human intervention or the technology. The position of the specimen on the pin may not be manipulated in any way. If a pin is moved, then likely the specimen will come along with it. However, if a pin is removed from its original location by mechanical means, it must be returned to the precise original location and position. Also, specimens must not be damaged in any way. It is up to Entrants to develop a technology that meets all of the competition parameters and rules.

Please be sure to review the complete Contest Rules and Materials (, including scoring, which takes into account perceived risk of damage to the specimens. Also noted in the Complete Rules document is that specimen pins must be #2 insect pins.

answered Dec 15, 2014 by Beyond the Box


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