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Do labels that are removed from the pins need to be re-pinned and/or placed back in the specimen tray?


When manually digitizing specimens, the labels are usually removed from the pin, imaged, and placed back on the pin in the original order by piercing new holes in the labels in areas without text.

In this challenge will the labels need to be re-pinned? If not, do the labels need to be placed back in the tray? If the labels need to be re-pinned, does creating new pin-holes in the label count as damage? Would the labels need to be pinned in areas without text? Would the re-pinned labels need to keep their original orientation relative to the specimen?
asked Dec 22, 2014 by Robbie
edited Dec 22, 2014 by Beyond the Box

1 Answer

As noted in the Competition Scoring, all labels must be put back in nearly their exact original positions to receive a score of Excellent (the highest rank). Thus, labels may have to be repinned. When pinning (either initially or repinning), it is recommended that labels be pinned in areas without text. Per the Prize Parameters, labels must not be damaged in any way. When repinning, the decision to use the same hole or a new hole is up to the Entrant. Each judge will evaluate whether there was any damage in the pinning processes. When repinning, labels must be placed back in their original orientation.
answered Dec 22, 2014 by Beyond the Box


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